[Fwd: Changes in SAF-News Announced]

KMorrisD kmorrisd at aol.com
Mon Dec 7 10:46:13 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote (among other things):

>Working foresters don't just want
>an organization where they can carry on effete discussions of advanced
>technical matters that have little relevance to them; they want their
>profession to have more wealth and power- and not just for those at the

Any of you working class, dirt foresters out there who want to join in this
"discussion" on saf-news should subscribe following the instructions at
http://www.safnet.org/science/safnews.htm.  Membership not required.  If you
are a member, you might want to also subscribe to the new members-only list.  I
just looked on the SAF website, but couldn't find instructions on how to do

Karl Davies

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