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>FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of American Lands, December 7, 1998
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>INVESTIGATIONS NEEDED:  Conservation groups are asking the FBI to help
>investigate violence against endangered species in the Southwest.  The
>groups have sent a letter to Secretary Babbitt requesting a multi- agency
>strikeforce, including the FBI, to investigate and prosecute those involved
>with recent attacks including shooting endangered wolves, sabotaging trout
>streams and dewatering rivers.  Please contact Interior Secretary Babbitt
>202/208-7351 and ask for an investigation of these attacks on the
>environment in the Southwest.  For more information contact Sam Hitt,
>Guardians at 505/988-9126 or sam at
>TRUST FUNDS ELIMINATED?:  Officials in the Agriculture Department are
>considering eliminating harmful Forest Service "off- budget" trust funds,
>reports the Salt Lake Tribune on November 21.  Money from trust funds,
>are valued at between $400 and $500 million, would be put "on line" and
>chanelled through the U.S. Treasury, and unlike the current system, would
>subject to Congressional oversight.  The move is in response to pressure
>from groups like Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE),
>who is calling on the Forest Service to end ongoing abuse and misuse of the
>funds.  "There is not an item in the Forest Service's budget that doesn't
>have some piece of the trust fund," said Andy Stahl, FSEEE's executive
>director.  "Everything from lights to computers to employee salaries, no
>matter how removed they are from planting trees."  For more information,
>contact Dave Wise, American Lands at 202/547- 9163, davewise at
>HEADWATERS UPDATES:  The Fish and Wildlife Service has been overwhelmed by
>an estimated 18,000 written comments on the Headwaters HCP.  The majority
>these comments are critical of the plan and this count does not include the
>oral comments made at California hearings.  This is also the one year
>anniversary of Julia Butterfly's continuous tree-sit in protest of the
>Headwaters Forest Agreement and HCP.  There is a rally at the site, south
>Eureka in celebration of Julia's occupation on Saturday, December 12.  For
>more information on these stories please contact Headwaters Sanctuary
>Project at headwaters at
>ENVIRONMENT OUTWEIGHS CHIP MILLS:  The environmental and economic value of
>intact forests outweighs the need for chip mills in North Carolina states
>editorial in the November 29 Raleigh News and Observer.  The trees
>from logging provide habitat for wildlife and hold mountain soil in place,
>but portable chipping mills are making it more profitable to leave woods
>completely stripped.  Due to stiffer stormwater runoff regulations on chip
>mills there is a moratorium on new mills in the state  and the timber
>industry is finally sitting down with regulators and environmentalists to
>decide the future of North Carolina forests.  "There is a delicate balance
>between perserving timber and preserving the economy," said the editorial.
>"But chip mills, with their rapacious appetites, pose a danger of tipping
>that balance too far to one side."
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