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Mon Dec 7 23:10:19 EST 1998

I can only assume you haven't been around too many logging operations in the
Pacific Northwest (much less large redwood). If you had, you'd know it's
like playing on the freeway to be anywhere near an active falling operation.
Those idgits knew where they were going even if Chain did not. You pays your
money and you takes your chances....they rolled the dice and lost. Now
somebody else is supposed to bail them out for their poor choices.  Choices.
That's the bottom line.
Mt. Shasta, Calif.

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>> > It may well be that the person who took the photo and posted
>> > it was lost. :)
>> > --
>> That's a snide remark, related, I presume, to the unfortunate death of
>> "Gypsy" Chain.  His death, of course, was not the fault of PALCO, but due
>> his own choices.
>>  - Andrew Langer
>Did Chain choose to die? He chose to trespass as an act of civil
>disobedience. Are you so unaware of American history to know that civil
>disobedience is as American as apple pie? Since when is trespassing
>punishable by death? That was no suicide mission. The loggers knew the
>trespassers were there and proceeded to drop the tree any ways. No doubt
>the loggers will go free, and their defense will be "property rights";
>the most holy of holyies- which I think is full of holes.
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