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JP: I searched for a few sites related to pruning by searching on prun*
Here's one that talks about the changed thinking re - "flushcutting":
Here's another one with good pictures. Sounds like they also do not recommend
"flushcut" pruning: http://willow.ncfes.umn.edu/ht%5Fprune/prun001.htm
Go to http://willow.ncfes.umn.edu/ and do a search on prun* and you'll find
several other pages on pruning (mostly shade trees).
I didn't find anything related to the economics of pruning for better quality
wood. If I owned forest land, I doubt if I would prune conifers, but I'd sure
consider pruning some hardwoods such as walnut. I know when I was in Minnesota
in the 1960's the price differential between good veneer qualtity trees and
limby walnut trees was huge.
/s/ Cliff Keene
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  bigjohn at wi.net wrote:
> Can someone provide me with a referance on fluchcuts providing beter
> quality lumber.
> jp

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