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>I'd like to see if anyone else can relate to this:
>The year before last several of our White Pines were attacked/killed by
>pine bark beetles. Last spring I found a lower live branch that had
>been attacked with some of the needles at the tips turning red. I cut
>the branch off halfway back to the trunk. The sapwood showed some blue

If there's any blue stain, the wood (or branch) is dead.

>stain. I then cut the limb at the trunk. At this point there was no blue
>stain. The tree seems to be doing fine now with no appearance of any
>more beetle attacks.
Bark beetles are ubiquitous (and even common). But which kind? I think Ips
will just work on the tops, and aren't always fatal. Dendroctonus
mid-to-upper and are often fatal if the tree is stressed. Red turpentine
beetles put out a oozy red frass around the base of the tree up to about 8
feet, and are usually fatal if present around the entire circumference. A
healthy stand is the best defense against beetles.
Mt. Shasta, Calif...
>Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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