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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Dec 9 13:50:33 EST 1998

Langrrr at wrote:

> Clearly.  So let's take it a step further, shall we, Gnome?  I note that your
> ISP is in the UK, but for the sake of argument let's say that you live in the
> US and receive Social Security from the Federal Government.  By your logic,
> someone protesting the Social Security system could enter this person's
> private property (their yard or even home) and chain themselves to their
> furniture.

And if they did so, to you, would you drop your piano on their heads?
No, you'd call the cops. That's the point. The loggers knew the
protesters were there. They could have called the cops, who would have
peppered sprayed the protesters, no doubt, and the loggers could have
gotten back to work. It was irresponsible to be dropping trees knowing
those people were there.

> In contrast, there has been no abrogation of the individual liberties of
> Earth First members, and while they might be attempting to revolt, I find
> their basis for revolution to be invalid.

Fine, so it's OK to drop a tree on them? Everyone, including the
protesters already agree that trespassing is illegal. That's not the

> >
> And the logger told them to leave and was a mile and a half from a phone.  He
> made no attempt to remove them.

Better to drop a tree on the protesters than spend 5 minutes driving to
that phone?

> >
> Are you telling me that if someone visits a zoo, scales a wall and a 20 foot
> barbed wire fence, and enters a lion's den, and is eaten by that lion, the
> zoo is automatically liable?

If the zookeeper knew that people were ILLEGALLY trespassing inside the
fence; and he THEN let the lion out of the cage, he would bear a GREAT
DEAL of responsibility, indeed.

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