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> I'd like to see if anyone else can relate to this:
> The year before last several of our White Pines were attacked/killed by
> pine bark beetles. Last spring I found a lower live branch that had
> been attacked with some of the needles at the tips turning red. I cut
> the branch off halfway back to the trunk. The sapwood showed some blue
> stain. I then cut the limb at the trunk. At this point there was no blue
> stain. The tree seems to be doing fine now with no appearance of any
> more beetle attacks.
> Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I can't verify the experience. But I suspect the blue stain is more often
called blue-green stain, and is caused by a fungus often spread by the bark

This is NOT NECESSARILY a bad thing. The wood used by Strativarius has
recently been tested and found to contain this same fungus. I wish I could
find the article now, but I'm pretty sure it appeared in McIlvainea.

Blue-green stained pine might have _quite_ a market among violin makers.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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