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Wed Dec 9 11:36:29 EST 1998

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> HULTGREN wrote:
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> > JZ---
> > I can only assume you haven't been around too many logging operations in the
> > Pacific Northwest (much less large redwood). If you had, you'd know it's
> > like playing on the freeway to be anywhere near an active falling operation.
> > Those idgits knew where they were going even if Chain did not. You pays your
> > money and you takes your chances....they rolled the dice and lost. Now
> > somebody else is supposed to bail them out for their poor choices.  Choices.
> > That's the bottom line.
> > --Arne
> > Mt. Shasta, Calif.
> Your attitude, which is very common, is NOT what I'd call a Christian
> like attitude about a human being crushed by a tree as heavy as battle
> ship. That attitude translates into "screw that dam environmentalist
> right into the ground, that'll teach those bastards to fuck with our
> glorious logging operations".

Call it what you like. Logging operations are among the most dangerous places
to be in the world. This is why a number of loggers are not present anymore.

It's truly regretable that Chain lost his life. But it doesn't change the
reality of logging being among the most hazardous occupations on earth.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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