Alliance formed to publish report on economic potential of Ag Fibers in Paper Making

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Thu Dec 10 17:51:06 EST 1998

Wood Reduction Advocates and Agribusiness Firm Form Alliance to Publish
Report on the Economic Potential of Agricultural Fibers in PaperMaking

Two leading United States wood reduction advocates, ReThink Paper and Dogwood
Alliance, are working in partnership with Agro-Tech Communications to publish
an economic and environmental analysis of the Southeastern US Pulp and Paper
Industry.  The report will attempt to provide accurate, regional specific
information concerning the possibility of utilizing agricultural fibers to
diversify the supply of feedstock to paper mills.

The Dogwood Alliance is a non-profit organization that is comprised of 50+
environmental organizations from throughout the Southeast working to protect
native forests against the threat posed by the continued operation and
proliferation of chip mills.  Rethink Paper is a non-profit organization
dedicated to catalyzing a transition to an ecologically sound US Pulp and
Paper Industry.  Their mission is to convince the consumer, industry and
government sectors, to rethink -- then replace -- current paper consumption
and production practices with environmentally preferable alternatives.	Both
organizations are dedicated to the development of agricultural fibers as a
means to help spur rural economic growth and create diversified fiber
supplies for the pulp and paper industry.

Agro-Tech Communications is a farm based business, located near Memphis,
Tennessee.  The company specializes in the dissemination of technologies
concerning the industrial utilization of agricultural fiber and developing
strategies to enhance the potential of agri-business and industrial clients. 
The company has worked with agricultural fibers such as kenaf in yield
trials, as well as product development efforts in the Memphis area focusing
around the pulp and paper industry.

The final report will feature information concerning the current wood chip
usage vs. demand and project cost increase of solely utilized wood for
pulping.  The report will then outline strategies comparing the development
of new crops and the utilization of fiber residues from existing crops such
as corn or wheat. The final report is scheduled for release during the second
quarter of 1999.

For more information contact:
Dogwood Alliance, P.O. Box 1598, Brevard, NC 28712, Ph: (828) 883-5889
Fax: (828) 883-5826, Email: dogwood at

Agro-Tech Communications, 7344 Raleigh Lagrange Rd., Cordova, TN 38018
Ph: (901) 757-1777, Fax: (901) 937-7884, Email: fiber at

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