Nature Conservancy President's message

ForestFair forestfair at
Fri Dec 11 00:00:24 EST 1998

John Tiffany" <formgt_mkt at> wrote:
>Not to burst your bubble, which I guess has already been burst, but I'm glad
>you found out this reality.

No bubble to burst, I'm part of the choir. <g>

>Timber harvesting techniques just imitate nature, only we harvest the trees
>rather than have them die of old age or have them blow over, and in some
>cases once blown over, salvage them. The unfortunate part of harvesting is
>the acceleration of erosion caused by the removal of forest products. But we
>are getting a handle on this too and many loggers are trying to address this
>problem in their operations.

I posted the message here for a couple of reasons.  From time to time,
environmental preservationists visit here, and get involved in discussions.  
Doesn't hurt to show that both "sides" can work together.

Also, there have been suggestions in the past from other posters that The
Nature Conservancy is a worthwhile organization for donations. with which I

I'd add damage to the residual stand and high grading as other problems, right
up there along with erosion, that are to be avoided as well.


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