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My comments are off topic but your comment below was interesting. No doubt
about it our (USA) history books do not tell the whole picture of the
American Revolution. Possibly more appropriately called the first American
Civil War. My interest in this was aroused when I went to Kings Landing, New
Brunswick, CA (A site similar to Williamsburg, VA, USA). Every one of the
houses was originally the home of an American Loyalist. I've been reading up
on it and discovered that 50,000 people fled to Canada in the last years or
just after the Revolution. I'm reading a novel (Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth
Roberts) that portrays "the other side" of this war. I have no idea what side
I'd have been on this conflict, probably a "rebel", but I do know that what I
was taught was one sided. - Now I'll let you get back to the argument at
hand. /s/ Cliff Keene

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> Umm! Actualy it looks like terrorism to me. I quote from the Concice
> Oxford Dictoinary (= Websters?) Terrorist: A person who uses or favours
> violence and intimidation as a way of coercing  agovernment or
> community. 'Your lot' did exactly that to the lawful English government.
> But history is written by the victors and time heals rifts between
> counties.
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