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> My comments are off topic but your comment below was interesting. No doubt
> about it our (USA) history books do not tell the whole picture of the
> American Revolution. Possibly more appropriately called the first American
> Civil War. My interest in this was aroused when I went to Kings Landing, New
> Brunswick, CA (A site similar to Williamsburg, VA, USA). Every one of the
> houses was originally the home of an American Loyalist. I've been reading up
> on it and discovered that 50,000 people fled to Canada in the last years or
> just after the Revolution. I'm reading a novel (Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth
> Roberts) that portrays "the other side" of this war. I have no idea what side
> I'd have been on this conflict, probably a "rebel", but I do know that what I
> was taught was one sided. - Now I'll let you get back to the argument at
> hand. /s/ Cliff Keene

If you want to read the truth of American history; read Howard Zinn's
"The People's History of the United States". You WILL be shocked.

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> > Umm! Actualy it looks like terrorism to me. I quote from the Concice
> > Oxford Dictoinary (= Websters?) Terrorist: A person who uses or favours
> > violence and intimidation as a way of coercing  agovernment or
> > community. 'Your lot' did exactly that to the lawful English government.
> > But history is written by the victors and time heals rifts between
> > counties.
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