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Tue Dec 15 18:37:13 EST 1998


I agree, the public safnews went speedily to the dogs. It seems the
shift from forestry discussion to amateur debating society caused many
of the rats to jump ship. This rat did at least.  The volume was just
too much to keep up with, and less filling besides.  Bionet is where
it's at!

Jostnix wrote:
> >For Forestry Conversation, Information, or Questions:  The news groups
> >agro.forestry and alt.forestry
> >are available. is a commercial site
> >that is one of the best sites
> >on the web for forestry information and offers a bulletin board for
> >questions/comments.
> Don!  I could kiss you in the, close to the mouth...I will shake your
> hand.  Thanks for the plug.
> I am mighty disappointed in  Nothing worth reading there and Iam
> constantly drawn back to and alt.forestry.  I think several of us cut
> our teeth here.
> By the way, Woodtick will have a first of a three part series on point sampling
> at  Should go up today or tomorrow....
> Steve
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