Environmentally benign preservative for (English) oak?

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Wed Dec 16 12:33:46 EST 1998

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>I've heard thatching is quite an art and pretty durable too. Is that
>skill still done in your area? Soddys were common on our plains before
>milled lumber was available but were abandoned as soon as possible. I've
>wondered how they held up in rain.

Thatch is common in some parts of the UK, but almostly exclusivly used
on restoration of old houses. Life is in the order of 20-30 years, I
>  You haven't said whether this structure is for humans or animals. A
>bit of draft and drip isn't a problem with the right frame of mind.

Either. I hope to put up a frame that will last at least 200 years. The
skin and roof may need replacing in this time, and the use will possibly
change as well.
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