Favorite Christmas tree?

Gnome 11 thopkins at thopkins.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 16 16:07:38 EST 1998

In article <758u10$l48$1 at newnews.global.net.uk>, Nick Ananin
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>Well just to different - I think Picea omorika is one of the best
Got a P omorika for myself.

Beautiful slight blue tinge to the leaves, but interestingly, I have
discovered that red and gold decorations don't show up well against the
colour, and the very dense branch/foliage (compared to the normal UK
Christmas tree....Norway spruce, I think??) also hides decorations too.
I'm going to experiment with silver decorations.

However, and this may be of interest to US folks, who buy trees with an
excellent shape due to the pruning they get in the plantation, this
tree, P. omorika, seems to have a perfect shape, but no evidence of any
pruning. Not that I like the trimmed type myself....I like them a bit
more wild and natural.
Gnome 11

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