Favorite Christmas tree?

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Thu Dec 17 16:50:04 EST 1998

Gnome 11 wrote:
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> >Good old Scotch pine here, and yes it was grown locally at a Christmas Tree
> >Farm.  I think I'd prefer one of the fir species (except for the price) but  we
> >don't see much choice around here but Scotch for choose and cut.
> >
> >Happy Holidays!
> >
> >Susan
> Interesting that you should be able to get a Scots Pine because no one I
> know in the UK, where it is our only real indigenous conifer, aside from
> yew, ever uses Scots pine!
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> Gnome 11

Scotch Pine (local) has been planted for Christmas tree production in
Missouri for at least the last 40 years, possibly 50, cause when I was
in school at the U of Mo, we cut and sold Scotch pine for trees every
year, and planted every year.  That was in 1958.
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