forester licensing regs in Massachusetts

FourCubed fourcubed at
Wed Dec 23 02:46:33 EST 1998

>Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:
>>Other states may have REAL forester licensing laws, but not
>>the lame state of Massachusetts
>I don't think other states have REAL forester licensing either--except maybe
>California.  The basic problem is that our "professional leadership" in the
>and even the ACF don't want REAL licensing.  
>The bureaucrats don't want it and the academics don't care--for the reasons
>outlined in my comments at  And many
>the industrial/corporate types don't want it because of their ideas about
>property rights.
>The result is either no licensing, or PHONEY licensing like we have proposed
>here in MA.  From what I saw recently on the PA consultants' website, it
>like they're about in the same situation as MA.    
>Karl Davies

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