forester licensing regs in Massachusetts

FourCubed fourcubed at
Wed Dec 23 20:20:26 EST 1998

>Four cubed is 64, presumably your cranial capacity in mm^3?
>>Licensure of professional foresters is great.  But a property owner ought to
>>able to choose how his or her own property is to be managed without any
>>interference by the state.
>Zoning laws are constitutional.  The Supreme Court has ruled.  Sorry. 
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My little schoolboy,

Your feeble, childish little attempt at associating my screen name with my
cranial capacity shows that you are unable to respond to my assertions in a
grownup fashion.  

When you learn to respond in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, please do
so--until then I won't bother addressing your infantile riposte.

Stephen Daniels
Massachusetts Certified Arborist

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