forester licensing regs in Massachusetts

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Thu Dec 24 21:46:24 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:

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> >Don Baccus wrote:ourCubed <fourcubed at> wrote:
> >> Zoning laws are constitutional.  The Supreme Court has ruled.  Sorry.
> >But, aren't zoning laws more on a regional level than on a statewide basis?
> If you have a piece of land, why does the scope of a law (applies
> statewide vs. regionally or locally) have anything to do with the
> constitutionality of that law.  Particularly if you're a property
> rights extremist like FourCubed? :)

I'm not debating the constitutionality of the law.  I'm having a problem with how a
law will effect those people who live in a low population area with those in a high
population area.  The severity of restrictions rises with the population.  That
doesn't mean that cut and run is more appropriate in lower population areas.
Making restrictions on the timber industry would make more sense on a statewide
basis than landowner restrictions.

> >I can
> >think of regulations on an industry, but no zoning requirements on a statewide
> >basis.
> Move to Oregon.  Our statewide land-use laws are, in essence,
> statewide zoning laws.

Been there, done that.  Lived in Medford and Winchester Bay.  Late 60's and early
70's. Worked for BLM and Bohemia Lumber.  Prefer working in hardwoods, although I
really like the Bend area.

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