Forests and increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration

KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Sat Dec 26 22:41:57 EST 1998

 tbrooks at ("Talbot Brooks") wrote:

>This area of =
>investigation is still in its relative infancy - the longest running =
>(going on its 11th year) CO2 enrichment experiment is currently being =
>conducted at our facility by Dr. Sherwood Idso on sour orange trees. =

Just a little perspective on the recent posts from "Talbot Brooks" concerning
how more CO2 is good for trees and life in general: 

"Balling and Michaels are still the prize horses in
the Western Fuels stable, while Idso has earned
the status of global warming skeptic emeritus.
The first "Greening Earth" video produced by
Western Fuels was based on Sherwood Idso's
work, and was made by Idso's Arizona-based
enterprise, Institute for Biospheric Research.
The three scientists have received hundreds of
thousands of dollars in research money from
fossil fuel interests. (Ties that Blind)."

The above quote is from a long post today in talk.environment entitled
"Astroturf Empire Mulitplies Efforts To Re-spin Global Warming."  Check it out
for more background on what the oily-coaly-gassy boys, Balling, Michaels, Idso
et al are up to.


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