Personal Property

Donald L Ferry wolfbat359 at
Sun Feb 1 13:53:56 EST 1998

Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote:

>Last week or so one of our group in the UK question what is so great
>about personal property, and the lack of concern about personal
>property, trespass, and criminal trespass in most countries (Empire
>countries) outside of the US.  He got me to thinking.
>Basically, the difference is spelled out in the constitution.  Personal
>property is a guarentee that each man, regardless of status, wealth or
>ownership, is equal before the law.  No Royal rights, no housing of
>soldiers in private homes, no confiscation of property without just and
>rightful payment, no Broad Arrow,  and no incarceration without due
>process.  All of which did not exist while a coloney under British rule.

One of the main grievances against the crown was that they were going
to restict the colonialists from moving in and stealing any more
Native American Lands.  After the revolution none of the leaders would
have dared suggest any such principles

>The fight was about freedom, the cause was oppression, the results
>personal property rights unique in the world.  

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