Re; Magnitude Ice Storm

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Mon Feb 2 01:19:17 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at asked:

>Has anybody put a dollar amount on the ice damage yet?

Doubt if anyone can come up with figures that mean anything.  So far in NYS
alone, the state Red Cross has spent over $2.25 million for "feeding, lodging,
and warming" thousands of New Yorkers displaced by the storm.  Everyone in NY
has had power restored, but outages are expected since some repairs are
temporary -- the biggest utility in the region said it will take until June to
put things back together the right way.  

VT and NH had less damage than NY, but Quebec is in worse shape than NY.  Not
certain about ME, but I don't think the damages there were as high as in NY and

The maple syrup experts have no dollar estimates because nothing like it ever
happened before.   Dairy farmers lost cows when there was no power to milk
them, and some of these farms are expected to go under.  People couldn't get to
work, customers couldn't get to stores, people died of carbon monoxide
poisoning  -- how to determine the amount of damages, present and future,
requires a crystal ball.  

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