fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Walter Epp NOSPAAMfor7gen at idiom.com
Mon Feb 2 01:09:56 EST 1998

jens at lucent.com (Marty Jensen) wrote:
>This was about trespassing, right?  We've hunted the same land for 25 years and 
>a guy bought a 40 acres parcel right in the middle of where we hunted this year 
>and posted the land.  I use to walk across that property everyday during deer 
>hunting and this year I walked around that property. I obeyed the law.  

You may want to check what the law actually is. I heard that there is an ancient
principle in common law that if people have been doing something on any land
for a long time then they have a de facto easement that is legally enforceable.
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