Re; Magnitude Ice Storm

Ross dianaros at
Tue Feb 3 17:32:14 EST 1998

In Eastern Ontario, many farms were dumping milk because there was no way to
the product. Aside from the loss, many herds were in trouble becuse they
could not be milked. No comments about hand milking please!  Generators were
being moved from farm to farm in some cases to provide energy for milking.

It's been over 40 years since I hand milked, I know I wouldn't be able to
milk 25 or 30 head by hand. I wonder how many here could do it either.

Larry Caldwell wrote in message ...
>In article <19980202061900.BAA00705 at>,
>forestfair at (ForestFair) wrote:
>>    Dairy farmers lost cows when there was no power to milk
>> them, and some of these farms are expected to go under.
>I've never even heard of a dairy farm without adequate generator capacity
>to run the milking machines.  That's like a dairy farm without a barn -

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