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Anti - Trust? I can see where collusion in bidding might apply, but anti -
trust? Oh well, go figure the feds.

Most of my cruising is done for private non-industrial owners, although I have
done work under contract for industry as well. Never contracted with the feds
... but I did work for them for about 20 years. Maybe that's why I have never
bid on  their inventory ...?

Here in New York, where I live, we couldn't make it at $1.50 / acre. Welcome
to the land of high taxes! I usually look for about twice that, with a pretty
healthy surcharge when I get more than 50 miles from home (as the crow flies).

Yeah, my current software is a spreadsheet. It has some limitations, which are
getting to be a major pain in the backside. I suppose I could develop a new
spreadsheet, but I was hoping that someone out there had a line on some good
commercial stuff (2 Dog runs adverts in the Journal of Forestry every month,
but it's pricey. Like to talk to someone who has used it to see if it's worth
the freight). I used SILVAH when I worked for the feds, but that's a LOT more
system than I need for what I'm doing in most situations now.

I've never sold a property on cruise data either. But, I can see where it'd
make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

Thanks for your help Don! I appreciate it

Joel Fiske
Consultant Forester
jfiske at

Don Staples wrote:

> J. Fiske wrote:
> >
> > What is the going rate / acre in your part of the world for forest
> > inventory? (I know, I know, it depends ...)
> >
> > I just quoted several inventory and appraisal jobs, and thought it might
> > be interesting to see what this type of work goes for in other regions.
> >
> > Also, I'm about to update my cruise processing software (my current
> > program is DOS - based and is not happy since I moved to Windows '95). I
> > do primarily prism cruises.Prism factor is variable, depending on the
> > cruise design. It'd be nice if the package were also capable of handling
> > timber sale tally processing, as well. Anyone have any good suggestions?
> > Or is there something I should stay away from?
> >
> Howdy, from Texas.
> Anti trust statement in effect.  The following are estimates of services
> rendered as described by J. Fiske.  Caution should be used in
> considering these may or may not be factual, actual or very satisfactual
> to my income and well being.
> I, too, prism cruise, I, too, have software that I developed to handle
> what I call "blow up" of cruise data, that will dove tail into a sales
> tally.  I say I developed software, not quite, I used simple spread
> sheet calculations to handle the number crunching, made templats, and
> improve as I go.
> Anyway, there are, as you noted, the depends.  Cruise go from $1.50 acre
> for a tax run through, $4.00 an acre for volume estimates prior to a
> sale (marked only, in 30 years I have sold one tract from a cruise
> (hated every minuet of it, didn't get hurt, but hated it), and $8.50 per
> acre for some complex federal (National Monument) bids.  First visit to
> a track over 50 acres within an hour or so drive runs $1.50 an acre,
> more or less, to get my foot in the door.  If cruised for a sale, that
> is deducted from sales income, this allows a little interum payment
> waiting for the sale to get done.  At these rates I win and lose bids,
> taking slightly more than I lose.
> As you know, every job is different, some cruise jobs are by the hour,
> day, flat rate, contract rate, etc.  There are some jobs you couldn't
> melt and pour me into, at any rate, usually for the feds.  I cut rate
> for long term  clients where I have a file of data already on hand. Have
> worked one client for 32 years, and have stand data for that period,
> with some 5 sales involved.
> Price structure is usually not talked about locally because of
> anti-trust, yet the word is usually spread by means of the bid process.
> Estimates are always rough, and I have been burned on some cruises
> (inventory, if you would) because of miss-quoted prices.
> God I love my job!
> --
> Don Staples
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