Personal Property

theo hopkins thopkins at
Wed Feb 4 07:01:21 EST 1998

In article <34D3B2C2.BE at>, Don Staples
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>Last week or so one of our group in the UK question what is so great
>about personal property, and the lack of concern about personal
>property, trespass, and criminal trespass in most countries (Empire
>countries) outside of the US.  He got me to thinking.
>Personal property rights, uniquely American.

Yes, uniquely American, along with batton twirling college girls, fast
food, generosity, the Pax Americana, a totally weird paranoia about
Millitant Islam, beautiful scenery, Earth First!, men on the moon, and a
political system that seems to care more about who your President was
bonking last night than his policies.

Some good, some bad: I'll let you chose which are good or bad.

Theo H.

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