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>Uh, Don, what was the fight over the Falklands for?

Hi, Theo H here, (from Olde England, across the pond)

1. The Falklands war has been described as 'two bald men fighting over a

2. My own considered thinking was that it was part of the Cold War, and
the fight was ultimately aimed at the Ruskies. If the UK had not
defended that storm-swept little penguin and sheep inhabited lump of
rock, then would the Ruskie believe that we would drop a nuke on them if
things came to that? 

3. NATIONAL GLORY, (as we had lost the USA, the Empire etc).

4. And to get back to the Personal Proprerty thread, the USA, supposedly
an ally of the UK, gave the UK very little covert or overt help. You
see, there is a thing in the USA called the 'Munroe Doctrine' (I think)
that says that 'All of the Americas are _our_, the USA's private
property 'cause we are the biggest kids on the block and IT'S OURS! :-)

An interesting point on US attitudes to proprety below?

When in some benighted part of the world, with a civil war going on, the
westeners are being evacuated cause the war is getting to close to the
Hilton/Intercontinental Hotel in the capital, the French send troops to
'Protect French lives' while the Brits send troops to 'Protect British
lives'. However, uncle Sam sends troops to 'Protect American lives AND
property' ;-)
OK, there seem to be lots of Yanks trying to wind the Brits up on this
thread. This could be fun.

Theo H.

theo hopkins

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