BIG truffle

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Wed Feb 4 12:37:38 EST 1998

As reported in The Mushroom Growers' newsletter for February, 1998, a
large truffle was recently found in France. TMGM reports it as being
1,140 grams (2.5 pounds), with a market value of $1,500. US. Not bad for
a lowly mushroom!

Soooo, how much timber would you have to cut for $1500? Of course, the
French have figured out that it is better to harvest truffles than the
trees growing with them. At least until the trees stop producing truffles

Having truffle producing trees is like having a bank in your backyard:
Sometimes you need to dig a little.

Of course, there are a lot of trees in the US that support truffles too.
Too bad fewer people look at trees for timber instead of trees for

Daniel B. Wheeler

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