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Thu Feb 5 17:17:13 EST 1998

J. Fiske wrote:

> I've never sold a property on cruise data either. But, I can see where it'd
> make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!
> Thanks for your help Don! I appreciate it
> Joel Fiske
> Consultant Forester
> jfiske at

Thought I'd ad my 2 bits to the conversation.  When I did procurement and
consulting work, I would routinely plot cruise a property as opposed to marking
timber.  I used an angle gauge, compass and pace, and a 10% cruise.  Information
gathered would include diameter, species, and grade.  I'd note which trees I would
mark, and which trees should remain.  I would also map the property as I took the
samples.  After I had the data, I could write a management plan, if necessary,
compute how much timber value there was in a harvest, if recommended.  This saved
a lot of time by marking the timber and have someone else buy it from underneath
me, after I did all the work.  My plot cruises were within a few % when the timber
was marked.  It gives a lot of confidence to be that close.

I don't like to do plots cruises when there are a lot of leaves (May-Sept).  I can
do about 50-60 plots per day on rolling terrain, more on flatland.  I have sold
pulp and firewood on just plot cruises.  I also sold one timber sale solely on a
plot cruise.  Not the optimum, but it is what the landowner wanted.

As far as software, I just used a spreadsheet to get the results.  Works for me.


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