WAFC Forest Focus - February 5, 1998

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From: Steve Holmer <wafcdc at igc.apc.org>
Subject: WAFC Forest Focus - February 5, 1998

FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
Campaign, February 5, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188, fax
(202)879-3189, or email WAFCDC at igc.apc.org

COMMENTS:  The Forest Service is accepting comments on the
proposed roadbuilding moratorium until February 27, which is three
weeks from tomorrow.  Please contact WAFC for talking points or
more information.

OPTION 9:  Our Forests & Our Future, a new report from the
ForestWater Alliance released yesterday, concludes mismanagement
and loopholes in the President's Northwest Forest Plan are allowing
clear-cutting of ancient forests and other logging practices threatening
salmon streams and drinking water.  Copies of Our Forests & Our
Future are available at: www.forestwater.org or by calling 503/283-
6343 ext. 211

CONFERENCE:  The Headwaters' 7th Annual West Coast Ancient
Forest Activist Conference will be held February 13-15 at Southern
Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.  For more information, please
call Headwaters at 541/482-4459.

SCORECARD:  The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released
the 1997 Environmental Ratings for Congress this week.  Top members
of the Senate majority leadership team scored a "zero", while Chairmen
of major committees in the House that affect environmental issues
earned an average of six percent.  "The leaders in Congress are leading
in the wrong direction on the environment," said LCV President Deb
Callahan.  The Scorecard is available at http://www.lcv.org or by
calling 202/785-8683.

PELICAN BUTTE:  The Winema National Forest has announced it is
reoffering the Cold Springs/Switchback Timber Sale with few changes
following an appeal by environmentalists.  The sale will log old growth
in an old growth reserve and in an uninventoried roadless area adjacent
to the Sky Lakes Wilderness.  For more information, please contact
Wendell Wood, ONRC, at 541/885-4886 or ww at onrc.org

LANDSLIDES:  The Clearwater Biodiversity Project and the Ecology
Center of Missoula released a review of the Clearwater National
Forest's flood study this week.  The report concludes that intensive
timber management and roadbuilding created a landslide frequency ten
times the natural background rate.  The report is available at

APPEAL:  The Forest Service has reversed its decision to log the
inventoried North Mountain and Broad Run Roadless Areas on the
George Washington National Forest.  The Shenandoah Ecosystems
Defense Group and others successfully appealed the sale because it
violates the National Environmental Policy Act and the agency failed to
address public concerns.  According to acting Regional Forester
Elizabeth Estill, "the need to enter an inventoried roadless area is not
clear or compelling when the agency is on record in trying to be
sensitive to this issue."  Roadless areas on the George Washington
National Forest are exempted from the proposed roadbuilding

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator

Western Ancient Forest Campaign
1025 Vermont Ave. NW  3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
202/879-3189 fax
wafcdc at igc.org

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