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> Ok that the hundreds of years of the forestry profession is for
> naught but these little shroomies and my life is wasted in practicing said art
> and science, ..please, please tell me...
> Why the heck do I love shittakes so much but they make me so sick!!  I've never
> been allergic to anything before, much less anything so yummy!  I eat them
> knowing I'll be up all night heaving over the porcelain.
> Help!
> ;)
> Susan

First, I'm not a doctor (I don't want to play one either!).

It's possible you are simply reacting to the undigestible fiber in
shiitake. If you are using dried shiitake (and they are less expensive
and just as flavorful), try powdering them in a mortar and pestle before
adding to a salt shaker. That way you can just sprinkle a little into
soup or cooking dishes _while they are cooking_. Why is it important to
cook shiitake and other mushrooms. Just safer. And for powdered shiitake,
it gives them a chance to absorb liquid from the other food before it
reaches your stomach. Dried food of any kind needs to be rehydrated
before consumption, or you could cause serious blockage of the bowels.


Try adding them to ground beef to make shii-burgers or shii-tacos. Using
shiitake with peppers is a very good choice, as the shiitake is already
kind of peppery to my taste.

If gastric upset still continues, discontinue shiitake use. Some people
are simply allergic to some fungi, kind of like some people are allergic
to strawberries but not raspberries. There are a lot of fungi out there.
Sometimes it is fun to go on forages with mycological societies to find
all the mushrooms you wanted to eat in your backyard, but wanted a second
opinion, and a third, and ... well, you get my drift.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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