Chain Saw Use

BACKCUT backcut at
Sat Feb 7 13:27:44 EST 1998

How many chain saw users are needlessly injured every year in the USA? 
1991---41,000 reported and how many unreported?  I have read many articles put
out by various State Extension services and they have tried to do a good job. 
However, there is still a lot of mis-information that they are putting out.  As
an instructor in this field, I would like to help as many people learn the
correct/safe methods of using this extremely dangerous tool.  If you have any
questions as to the use of chain saws or the cutting of trees, other than
"DON'T", you can contact me directly at BACKCUT at or on this newsgroup. 
As I have been doing this professionally since 1969, I feel that I might
possibly be able to help keep you alive and well.  

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