small mills

J. Fiske jfiske at
Mon Feb 9 07:49:43 EST 1998

Yup, I've used the old "alaskan mill" to produce lumber for trail building
projects in the back country. It is slow, and you loose a LOT of wood
(sawdust and chips) to the milling process. If you want lumber, there are
better ways. See Don's post

It was originally designed for making cabin poles flat on two sides, and
does a good job of this. Use it with the biggest saw and sharpest chain you
can find, and it'll do what you need. Some folks also sell "ripping chain"
which is, supposedly, designed for more efficient cutting. I've never found
it to be worth the time.

alan haley wrote:

> Has anyone ever used or seen used a small chain or band saw mill process
> trees on the site?  Are they effective and accurate?

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