fwd: wasteful junk mail

Scott McPhee hyphae at msn.com
Tue Feb 10 00:48:02 EST 1998

>Personally, it does not make me happy to think that the forests are
>turning into junk-mail, newspapers, magazines and books. There are other
>sources for pulp and definitely other ways to make this a more
>"sustainable" world rather than falling trees to keep up feeding the
>market's greed.

What do you propose? Clearing forests and/or meadows to grow hemp?! Get
real. I would agree with you though that our greed and dependance on pulp
products makes me a bit quesy. I do not see the difference between trees or
hemp or whatever for pulp, they are both living organisms that we cultivate
to get the pulp to make our products.

Our forests are also turning into houses for the next generation of
families. I think that we are a bit beyond the point where everyone could
just move back into caves, as you seem to want us to.

So many people, so few caves,

Scott Mcphee

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