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>I just read this in an article about "plantaciones forestales" or tree
>Yearly per capita consumption of paper in:
>US: 332 kgs (about 670 pounds)
>Japan: 231 kgs (about 570 pounds)
>Mexico: 42 kgs (about 90 pounds)
>Brazil: 28 kgs( about 55 pounds)
>Nicaragua: 4 kgs (about 10 pounds)
>Paper production increased from less than 15 million tonnes in 1910 to
>268 millions in 1994. according to FAO, paper consumption will increase
>about 80% between 1995 and 2010. More than 60% of this increment
>corresponds to the US, Japan and Europe.
>In 1991, 40% of the paper was used for packing, 13% for printed press
>and less than 30% for "other" printed materials and writing.
>Personally, it does not make me happy to think that the forests are
>turning into junk-mail, newspapers, magazines and books. There are other
>sources for pulp and definitely other ways to make this a more
>"sustainable" world rather than falling trees to keep up feeding the
>market's greed.

I have seen these figures or similar ones befor.

What I find interesting is that in Norway consumption is just about 100
kg/220 lbs per head. However, UK and Germany are about the same as
Japan..just a little bit less.

Norway, with access to North Sea oil and gas, is now one of the richest
countries in Europe. If they can get away with only 100 kg a year, so
should other countries?

Theo H

theo hopkins

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