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The difference is, hemp takes one growing season, trees take perhaps
dozens (depending on what part of the country you're in, the type of
trees, etc.). You can get more paper pulp faster in a plot of land growing
hemp than you do trees. Plus, I understand hemp is fast growing on it's
own, and so therefore doesn't need much weed killer (it grows so fast that
it blocks sunlight from hitting the soil, and grows faster than any weeds
that might sprout anyway) or fertilization. Tree plantations take all
kinds of chemical applications.

Actually, if dealt with properly (timely might be a better word) then
chemical applications are unnecessary in tree plantations.  If large stock
is planted immediately after logging you can usually avoid fertilization
treatments and chemical brush treatments (trees get a head start on the
brush and shade it out if planted densely enough).

Although there are some sites that would definitely be better off growing
hemp as a crop instead of conifers!

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