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From: Steve Holmer <wafcdc at igc.apc.org>
Subject: Upcoming Forest Conferences and Workshops

TO:           All Forest Activists
FROM:     Steve Holmer
DATE:      February 10, 1998

SUBJECT:  Upcoming Forest Conferences and Workshops

     Hope to see you all at the Headwaters' 7th Annual West Coast
Ancient Forest Activist Conference this week, February 13-15 at
Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.  For more
information, please call Headwaters at 541/482-4459.  

     Here is some information about other upcoming workshops and

Workshop for Defenders of California Forests - Feb. 28
     New directions in forest activism will be discussed during an
all-day session, Saturday, Feb. 28 at the Sierra Club office in Berkeley,
CA.  Topics include protecting endangered species habitat, monitoring
corporate behavior and Native American perspectives on land
stewardship.  Please contact Joyce King at 510/525-6445 or Phillip
Batchelder at 510/841-6761 for more information.

Moonshadow II - March 8-9
     Activists interested in how to combat the power of multinational
timber corporations should mark March 8-9 on their calendar for
Moonshadow II, a conference on forests/corporations to be held in
conjunction with the U. of Oregon Law School ELAW conference in
Eugene, Oregon.

     Moonshadow I was sponsored by WAFC and the International
Forum on Globalization in October to bring together 23 leading
activists on forests and corporations nationwide.  Activists working on
chip mills, exports, international trade, corporate welfare, and other
issues discussed their common agenda and plans to directly confront
corporations. Several strategies were adopted including efforts to
increase understanding of how corporations use their political power,
educate ourselves and the public about the economic of the global
timber trade, and use issues like the MAI and log exports as tools to
mobilize citizens and alert the public.

     At Moonshadow II, all activists will be welcomed, progress to
date will be reported, and further strategies will be planned.  Please see
us at Moonshadow II!  If you are attending the ELAW Conference, you
will see that we have a strategy session planned for Sunday morning,
March 8, as an official part of the Conference.  

Intermountain Region Planning and Policy Workshop March 20-22
     The Wild Utah Forest Campaign, Southwest Center for
Biological Diversity and Friends of Nevada Wilderness are sponsoring
a workshop in Salt Lake City, UT March 20-22 on National Forest
policy and plan revisions.  The purpose is to gather together activists
involved in grassroots forest issues and the forest plan revision process
to discuss common concerns and strategies for the region.  For more
information, please contact Kevin Mueller, Wild Utah Forest
Campaign, 801/539-1355 or wufc at xmission.com

Heartwood Spring Fest Council May 22-25, Western North Carolina
     The Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project (SABP) and the
Dogwood Alliance will host Heartwood's annual spring gathering of
forest activists and concerned citizens May 22-25 in western North
Carolina.  The agenda will focus on chip mills and ending commercial
logging on our national forests.  For more information, please contact
SAPB at 704/258-2667 or sabp at main.nc.us

National Wilderness Conference, May 29-31, Seattle, Washington
     Are you passionate about wild areas and ready to join others in
campaigns to protect the last American Wilderness?  Are you fighting to
protect roadless areas and other wild lands?  Are you anxious to share
with friends and colleagues your experiences and strategies for
wilderness protection?

     Then plan to join The Wilderness Society, WAFC and dozens of
other cosponsors for the National Wilderness Conference 1998, May
29-31, in Seattle, Washington.  The conference will both inspire and
equip you to help secure lasting protection for the remaining
unprotected wilderness.  Hear and meet people from throughout North
America who share your passion for wild land.  Help lay the
foundation for the future of Wilderness in America!  For more
information and to place your name on the conference mailing list, send
your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address to:
wildcon at twsnw.org, National Wilderness Conference 1998, 12730 9th
Avenue NW, Seattle, Washington 98177-4306.

Central Appalachian Ecological Integrity Conference June 26-28
     From June 26-28, scientists and activists will gather at the 2nd
Central Appalachian Ecological Integrity Conference at Davis and
Elkins College in West Virginia to define our ecological crisis and
identify strategies for action.  The theme, Defining Problems and
Solutions for Appalachian Restoration, will be addressed in panel
discussions, field trips and keynote presentations by Dr. Orie Loucks
(Miami University) and Dr. John Cairns (Virginia Polytechnic
Institute).  Please contact Appalachian Restoration Campaign, a project
of Heartwood, for more information, 614/592-3968, arc at frognet.net,

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator

Western Ancient Forest Campaign
1025 Vermont Ave. NW  3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
202/879-3189 fax
wafcdc at igc.org

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