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Al Stangenberger wrote:
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> : Ukgovt wrote:
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> : > does anybody have information on the use of Sodium metabisulphate as a tree
> : > strump destroyer?  Ifnot do you know of any 'safe' chemicals that speed up the
> : > decomposition of tree stumps?
> : Old country way is to break the surface of the stump and place liberal
> : amounts of standard fertilizer on it.
> To expand on Don's suggestion, if you have access to a power-drill drill some
> large holes down into the stump.  This will increase the surface area which
> fungi can use to begin decomposition, and also will retain moisture which
> will aid their growth.

To expand on Al's thoughts, I left out a step, shovel up some of the
surrounding dirt onto the surface after drilling, chopping, etc, and
fertilizer to encourage introduction of fungii, to aid in holding
moisture and slow drying of the stump.  Also, the lower the stump the
better.  Of course, all bets off if the stump has root grafted to
surrounding trees and will not die.

Thanks, Al, always good to have the "Pro's from Dover" on board.

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