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>Heterobasidium annosum
>In the UK we treat cut stumps with Urea (biological agents are also
>effective) to minimise the infection of a site.
>Nick Ananin at Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland
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Urea is, of course, a constituent of human urine.

I have some friends who try to farm their land and manage their forest
with the absolute minimum amount of external inputs. They also
farm/manage organically.

I asked the chief plant health officer in the UK's Forestry Commision
about using urine for formes instead of urea. After a little surprised
discussion, which established that I was not pulling his leg, he looked
into things and came back to me and said he could see no reason why
urine should not be used in lieu of urea as long as the concentration
was right.

Just thought I would let you know!

Theo H

BTW. These same people are sawing timber from their own land (hauled by
horse) with a steam engine powered by cherry laurel, a a nasty weed
tree, cleared from their own land. The enthusiast who commisioned their
70 year old steam engine said he was surprised to find the dry laurel
'as good as coal'.
theo hopkins

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