Recreational leasing insurance for landowners?

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ForestFair wrote:

> If there is a forest landowner organization in your state that offers an
> insurance policy to members who lease their land for recreational purposes,
> would you e-mail me with any information you have -- name and address of
> organization, how premium is determined, whether this benefit has been useful
> to members of the organization, etc?   Thanks!

Hunting lease insurance is a basic in Texas leasing, the minimum is
usually $1,000,000 umbrella, at $35 a head for the hunters on average. 
It protects the landowner and landowner agents (yeah for the foresters!)
against suets  from hunters and trespassers.  I have insurance that runs
a $350 dollar minimum per year, up to ten hunters, from 10 to 20 hunters
it is at $45 per hunter same minimum, then after 20 hunters back to the
$350 minimum and $35 per each hunter past 10.

This is basic insurance, and not from any land owners association, and
my provider is Texas licensed only, although Hartford is the policy
carrier.  There is a general line company somewhere in Georgia that
offers this insurance, although at a slightly higher rate than the
above.  Check with your local forestry association,  and be prepared to
talk to a limited number of agencies, most wont know what your talking
about and will want a very healthy premium for non-specific liability.

The insurance has been used once in Texas, AFAIK, on a big lease in west
Texas where a hunter filed for an accident that was not supported by
testimony and evidence.  How effective it is I have no idea.  It is a
security blanket for landowners that should be part of the lease.  If
you day lease I feel that the cost of the insurace will go up
proportional to the number of folks you run through the gate.  Like any
insurance, the more exposure the higher the cost.

Insurance brings in another question.  How well is your property
identified?  Insurance may require a certain level of line
identification and specific acts to try and prevent trespass, such as
public notification, fencing, etc.

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