$15 mil. Timber Theft

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Feb 13 10:41:11 EST 1998

AltamontNY wrote:
> Don Staples wrote, in reference to Timber Theft:
> > .... any more stories of crime in the forest?
> Another timber theft, or actually 4 of them.  

The same story in  Texas.  Actually, the logger is computer literate and
has purchased information from the tax office and mass mailed everybody
in the county.  Even if he cannot spell (foresters have the same

We have had some success in civil suits, less in criminal.  Texas
recently passed a state law that a "buyer" of timber products has 90
days to pay full amount, or face fraud charges, the failure to pay prima
facia evidence of criminal intent.
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