Forest Fires Caused by Aircraft

J. Fiske jfiske at
Fri Feb 13 07:11:26 EST 1998

I am familiar with this technique! They actually use ping - pong balls
filled with ethylene glycol and then inject potassium permanganate, using a
special machine, just as the little buggers go out the door of the

Tha machine is usually tied into the door frame with parachute cord, and the
operator always has a big sheath knife nearby. Reason? This project is a
little messy, and when the two ingredients are mixed, fire results. When
this happens inside a helicopter at 500 feet or so above the ground, things
get exciting in a hurry... you cut the p-cord and kick the machine out the
door ... quickly!

Like I said, it's a lot of fun! I sort of doubt that the local fire bugs
have the kind of money helicopter time takes (at least I hope so)! Maybe a
new type of environmental protest?

Don Staples wrote:

> john doe wrote:
> >
> > Although they were not accidental, I know of one case where a
> > "controlled" burn of an area (Pacific Northwest, US, I believe) was
> > performed using Napalm. But remember, you didn't hear this from me!
> Some truely spectacular control burns have been performed by dropping
> fire balls from helicopters.  Golf ball sized pyrotechniques that ignite
> on the ground. Hope our local firebugs dont find out how to make them.
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