log scaling

Ross dianaros at ican.net
Sat Feb 14 08:35:48 EST 1998

Many contractors have learned hard lessons about scale.  Mill yard scale is
what they are paid on. If you don't like the scale too bad!

Ron Wenrich wrote in message <34E4D316.2905D1CA at lebmofo.com>...
>kat wrote:
hey guys
>> just wondering if any of you have any log scaling knowledge - am taking a
>> course right now and having a helluva time with the formula's and trying
>> memorize them?  >>
>> kat
>All the log scaling I have done involves the use of a stick, which tells
>much footage is in a log.  I've used Doyle, Scribner, and Int.  The only
>factors to use is how much to deduct for rot or sweep.  Then you have to
>how to grade, and its different from mill to mill.

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