Who was PAUL BUNYAN (?spelling).

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Sun Feb 15 14:48:43 EST 1998

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> I would like to add to this but the battery is getting low in my lap
> top.  I am sitting in the middle of Lake Erie unable to get back to the
> harbor.  I just caught a fish so big that when I pulled him on board,
> the water level of the lake dropped so low that I can't get back.

Out West we just just pop another sixpack.  Then when we feel the urge to
relieve ourselves, we piss off the stern of the boat.  Not only does
the flood fill the lake and float the boat, but the flood waters wash
you back home without having to start the motor.

Sounds like a decent fish.  Erie is a good lake for fishin'.  I used to
fish it when it was west of the Rockies.  One day I hooked a big one, that
was such a fighter he near beat me to death.  Finally I tied the line to 
my boat anchor.  Darned if that fish didn't drag the whole lake clear to 
Ohio before he played out.

-- Larry

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