log scaling

Ross dianaros at ican.net
Sun Feb 15 13:02:16 EST 1998

Landing scale is what dreams are made of, mill scale is what you get paid

Yes I agree, both sides have some interesting ways of trying to cheat. In
recent years around this part of the woods, haulers have to haul culls for
which they are often not paid.  Losing loghs in the yard is a very old
practice. Right up there with triming the scale to what ever the traffic
will bear!

Ron Wenrich wrote in message <34E5A5AD.60D6DA2 at lebmofo.com>...
>Ross wrote:
>> Many contractors have learned hard lessons about scale.  Mill yard scale
>> what they are paid on. If you don't like the scale too bad!
>If you don't like the scale, you go to a mill you can trust.  Its a running
>battle between loggers and mills, to see who can screw the other.  I've
>loggers hide defect by dragging logs through the mud.  I've seen mills skim
>inches off a log or even "lose" logs in the yard.  The grade given logs on
>landing don't appear on the ticket.
>Loggers should scale their logs before delivery, although very few do.  The
>business practices of independent loggers and sawmills leave a lot to be

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