No Surprises and the Forest Owner...

Timothy Hunley HUN60 at
Mon Feb 16 19:59:38 EST 1998


I'm reading-copying-reading-thinking-irritated-LOST

Does this mean we had better post our property and keep everyone off
lest they see an endangered species, or think they do, and turn us into
the Feds?

Does this mean that if a migrating cross-eyed fuzz tailed crooked billed
wasbat flies accross my property--I can't cut any of my trees?

Does this mean that if my dog barks and disturbs a nesting  floogle hen,
I go to jail and loose my woods?

I vote no to what ever, if that means anything to anyone sleeping in the
Lincoln Bedroom tonight.

Elmer Fudd (I can't use my real name)

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