Timber Losses

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Thu Feb 19 11:16:46 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:
> Last month we had losses in the New England states to ice.
> Tuesday a week ago a line of tornadic thunderstorms moved through east
> TExas. Twenty counties, some 18000 square miles, were impacted by the
> storm front.  In figures release today the USFS estimates that US
> National Forests in the area lost 300,000,000 board feet of timber,
> mostley southern yellow pine.
> State authorities estimate that an additional 300,000,000 may have been
> lost on private and company lands.  Salvage has begun on private and
> company lands.
> US Forest Service Representatives think they may be able to start
> salvage by the 1st of April, if environmental groups will allow it
> without a court fight.  Southern Yellow Pine deteriorates rapidly after
> storm throw, indeed, clerids have begun to attack the downed timber.  A
> wasted resource, if the enviros play the same silly games that they play
> on the west coast.
> 600,000,000 board feet of logs will run our largest mill for five years,
> the resource will be degraded beyond use in 90 days.  In addition, the
> presence of the downed and damage timber will jump start the annual
> southern pine beetle population in Texas.  Further, anticipated
> catastrophic wild fire due to the hugh source of fuel is anticipated for
> 1999 and beyond.
> Discussions have been held with thoughts toward cutting and hauling the
> downed timber to one or more of the large lakes in the area, and ponding
> the logs for future use.  Environmentalists are protesting the
> suggestion as hazardous to the water resource in the state.
> When it rains, it pours, the mill industry seems to be under attack from
> all sides.
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> Don Staples
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Wow, from that little Texas rain shower that passed through??!!

Was the calculated board feet based on future yeild potential had the
trees grown to maturity or ACTUAL board feet in today's mature timber?
Oftentimes I'm skeptical in such figures being thrown out for insurance
claim loopholes (notice I did not say fraud).


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