massive landslide threatens Headwaters

CamillaH camillah at
Fri Feb 20 03:13:40 EST 1998

On 2/13/98, I wrote:

>On 2/13/98, Scott McPhee wrote:
>>Whenever I see the name Darryl Cherney I know something fishy is up.
>Darryl is definitely partisan, but that doesn't automatically discredit
>anything he says.  I've called the Dept. of Forestry & Board of Forestry in
>last two days and haven't been able to confim this because it's a holiday
>weekend and no one's around.  If I get an answer from the BoF, I'll post what
>they say.

Update - spoke with a man at the Arcata DFF on Weds.  He indicated that he,
someone from Water Resources and a geologist (I think) were going up on Thurs.
to take a look at the slide.  Said if I needed further information, EPIC would
probably be the best source.  So, nothing fishy with Darryl Cherney's info.


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