Larch Continuous Cover

Gareth Browning aforester at
Sat Feb 21 17:56:42 EST 1998

I am drawing up a plan for some Larch Continuous cover in Ennerdale,
Cumbria. The larch is a mix of Japanese and Hybrid and for the most part is
not regenerating. It faces roughly south and is on sloping ground mostly
ironpan and skeletal with some brown earth. The crop is around 40 years old,
I know we should have strated earlier you will say but nothing is ever

In a more fertile forest not far away similar aspect the larch was thinned
heavily and has yielded very good regeneration.

Has anyone any expereinec of the best timing for encoruraging larch
regeneration, gap size etc.


Gareth Browning
Forest Enterprise
Lakes Forest District

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