poplar trees, plotting their deaths

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>kat wrote:

>> i have never heard of (we call it "hack and squirt" here) killing more than
>> one tree per treatment - i didn't know the chemicals traveled through the
>> root system....

>> is garlon the same as vision? (glyphosate)

>> i do know that some of the areas we have treated have killed conifers
>> accidentally...
>Most of the trasfer of materials comes from root grafting, if  the
>species of tree doesn't root graft easily, the transfer wont occur.  The
>transfer by fungii mats is unsubstantiated at this time.

The species involved in the Garlon (triclopyr) event described by Daniel
was Red Alder; I also interpreted those observations as a result of 
transfer of triclopyr via root grafts between the alders.I have seen a 
similar event (hit one, kill several) with glyphosate in Red Alder. 

Glyphosate (like triclopyr) is quite persistent in soil. However, (unlike 
triclopyr) glyphosate isn't readily taken up by roots from the soil. 
My impression from the glyphosate event was clearly: 'hm, Red Alder 
stands must be able to root graft considerably'.  

Best regards,

Torsten Brinch

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